Why React Native Is The Best Option For Mobile Development?

react native

react native

Nowadays, cross-platform development is the most suitable platform for mobile app development. It is recognised as a very good alternative to native development that also reduces the time and cost of the development section. For that reason, React Native Mobile App Development is gaining popularity today. Now we will discuss the advantages, reasons for popularity, and perspective and why it is the best option for you in this article. 

What is React Native?

Facebook created the open-source framework of React Native along with a declarative programming paradigm for developing native mobile applications on the JavaScript platform. The native development is combined with React which is known as the best-in-class JavaScript library for developing user interfaces. 

Tal Kol, ex-Head, of Mobile Engineering Wix.com, stated in an interview; “Most companies developing mobile on the current native stacks must compromise in some way. Either on productivity (developing the same product multiple times with different engineers on different stacks), on quality (making low-quality apps), or on scope (focusing on a single platform). The path towards stopping these compromises is inventing new mobile stacks — like React Native.”

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Now many companies are shifting their preference to React Native as the suitable platform to develop the app as they can easily write all the code in JavaScript and then share that code on iOS and Android platforms without paying for two separate development teams. 

How did React Native start?

In 2015, Facebook announced React Native. Daniel Witte and Philipp Von Weitershausen; the engineers from Facebook stated on the Facebook Engineering Official Blog; “We were able to ship Facebook’s first fully React Native app on two platforms, with native look and feel, built by the same team of JavaScript engineers.

Not all of the engineers were familiar with React when they joined the team, yet they built an iOS app with a native look and feel in just five months. And after an additional three months, we released the Android version of the app.”   

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However, there are many updates, bug fixings, and addition of functionalities till React Native has reached the up-to-date version today. For convenience; there are numerous leading apps that are using React Native as a suitable development solution.

Applications like Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, Bloomberg, and Uber Eats are using React Native framework to stay ahead of the competition. 

Why React Native is the Best Option for Mobile App Development?

Let’s take a look at the reasons that will compel you to select React Native for mobile app development. 

  • Codes are reusable: While in traditional mobile app development, the developers have to create different codes for two platforms, i.e. iOS and Android, in React Native. JavaScript coding can be used for both. Moreover, the reusing of code helps to speed up the development and reduce the cost simultaneously. 
  • Real-Time Code Changing: React Native comes with hot and live reloading features at the core to empower the developer with real-time code-changing and fixing of the error during the loading time.

    The app will load automatically after the changes are made in the live feature. On the other hand, hot reloading focuses on a specific area and reloads that particular changed area. In this way, it helps in the testing process. 

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  • Native Interface: The components of React Native are mapped in 1:1 proportion with native development. For that reason, the developers can draw interfaces quicker, increasing the agility feature of the app and creating a native feel which is authentic to the native app.

    React Native goes well with native software as well, creating a seamless integration with the existing code to make quick extensions to increase the functionalities of the native applications. 
  • Third-Party Plugin: As React Native is still developing, to meet some specific business needs; one needs third-party plugins. There are two types of third-party plugins – JavaScript and native modules. In case, you want to integrate some other application like Google Maps into your application; then you need the help of a third-party plugin. 
  • Support from Community: If you check all the cross-platform tools; React Native has the biggest community. The biggest advantage of having a such strong community is the availability of help to the developers.

    You can always seek help from the experts of the community or access the library to get the required information to develop any sort of app in this open-source platform. Along with this; you will get lots of tutorials to solve any problem in React Native. 


It is true that there is no such platform that can serve all the purposes but React Native can solve most of them. If your business needs a JavaScript-based application with lots of functionalities, an interesting design, and user-friendly interface, and quick development time; then React Native will be the best solution.   

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