Mistakes To Avoid When Applying for Tradofina’s Small Personal Loan  

Personal Loan

Small personal lending online is a viable solution for people wanting easy accessibility to limited cash. It’s a beneficial lending option that allows you to apply digitally from the very comfort of your home and that too at any point in time.  

Specifically, small personal loans offered by a reliable app like Tradofina ensure a fast way to arrange money. And meet unsettled expenses including car repair bills, credit card bills, paying children’s monthly school fees, buying office equipment, and more.  

Certainly, there is a wide range of lending benefits offered by the Tradofina app that are as follows: 

  • Fast way to arrange small cash. 
  • Fully digital lending user-friendly process. 
  • Easy to understand terms & conditions.  
  • Funds are dispersal within a few minutes of approval.  

Despite having several benefits that Tradofina’s small personal loan has to offer, still many people find it difficult to obtain successful loan approval or face hassle in repaying the same. The reason behind this is making mistakes when applying for this loan.  

Thus, here in this blog, we will be uncovering common mistakes to avoid when applying for a short-term personal loan from the Tradofina app

Mistake 1: Fail to know about the lender 

One of the common shortcomings that borrowers face is not knowing everything about the lender. Several borrowers don’t find it important to know the profile of a lender. Not all lenders are equal in terms of loan offering, interest charged, terms & conditions. For instance, Tradofina app offers affordable financial assistance along with user-friendly terms for borrowers to understand easily and apply quickly.  

How to avoid it: 

  • Go through the Tradofina app and read the information. 
  • Refer to the FAQ section to know different queries & their answers.  
  • Pay attention to the information related to interest charges and processing fees.  

Mistake 2: Borrowing money more than capacity  

Certainly, it is simple and user-friendly to apply for a small personal loan online via the Tradofina mobile app. All you have to do is download the app, fill up the application form, process it, and get approval in a short time. While this loan helps you attain cash up to INR 60,000. But that does not mean, applying for a maximum amount. At times, borrowers commit the mistake of borrowing money more than their repayment capacity and end up facing more debts.  

How to avoid it: 

  • Create a budget for your fixed monthly expenses. 
  • Avoid applying for money more than required.  
  • Borrow as per your repayment capacity and limit.  

Mistake 3: Ignoring the loan details 

At times, people needing urgent cash are in a hurry that they fail to read the fine print on the loan application. They simply add personal information and click on the apply button. This can lead to the unexpected financial burden of getting more than the required loan amount. And further bearing the pressure of paying interest charges.  

How to avoid it: 

  • Read the information on the loan application carefully. 
  • Do understand the interest charges, repayment terms, and more.  

Mistake 4: Not knowing how to repay 

In relation to the above-mentioned points, it has been noted that few borrowers do not pay attention to the loan repayment plan. Failure to create a repayment strategy may end up problematic for you. It could result in paying the loan amount along with interest charges more than your capacity.  

How to avoid it:  

  • Create a financial plan first. 
  • Borrow as per the current set of expenditures. 

Mistake 5: Falling for Scams  

Sometimes, borrowers fall for a fraudulent lending agent without properly searching for a genuine lender online. This could result in massive financial loss of money and your personally identifiable information.  

How to avoid it: 

  • Download only the trusted and licensed Tradofina app. 
  • Read the About Us app to get more information.  

Mistake 6: Apply for more than one loan at a time  

One more mistake that borrowers make at the time of applying for a small personal loan is having more than one loan running up in the arsenal. Running multiple loans is not only cumbersome but problematic from a financial standpoint. 

How to avoid it: 

  • Apply for one loan at a time. 
  • Settle the previous small loan first before applying for another one.  


To make sure you don’t end up in a financial disaster, it is important to be aware of these little pitfalls that can arise when you take a loan. Through comprehensive research about a loan lender, submitting correct personal information, analyzing the loan contracts thoroughly, as well as getting a firm and concise repayment plan, you are assured of a loan that will fit with the financial goals you have set. Being conscious and watchful will give you a sharp awareness and prevent you from doing terrible transactions. 

To avail of an instant, high-quality personal loan according to your needs of lifestyle, you should surely access the Tradofina app, which is here to meet your small financial difficulties with fast cash assistance. 

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