Seven skincare tips for a flawless skin

eing a woman in today’s times is just not easy and keeping your beauty routine on fleek is one of the few ways to make things a little better and enjoy your days to the maximum! Here are 5 beauty tips every woman should know!

  1. Cleanse thoroughly: Life as a teenager is quick, dirty and always on the go, taking time to cleanse your skin especially before beginning your beauty routine is essential and integral to a healthy and clear skin. The importance of a thorough cleansing routine is often overlooked by teenagers but it is the first and foremost step towards achieving a glowing and healthy skin.
  2. Scrub regularly: By gently scrubbing your face once a week with the gentle scrub, you remove the dead skin cells and increase healthy cell generation, this makes a world of difference. This is a critical tip however since one should be very careful with the frequency and intensity of this process. Too little and it might not make much of a difference, too much and you might end up with blemishes and damaged skin.
  3. Hair massage: Your hair is an important part of your appeal. And keeping your hair healthy and beautiful certainly makes a drastic change. Hair massage with coconut oil before shampoo and shower makes your hair smooth and shiny. Coconut oil also helps in replenishing your hair with the much-needed nutrients. This also helps in strengthening your hair in the long term.
  1. Moisturize: Moisturizing the skin is something that is often overlooked by teens but it is something extremely important not just for a healthy skin today but in your later years as well. Moisturizing right after a facewash helps keep the skin soft and glowing. It also promotes healthy skin cell generation and keeps your skin taught for a longer time.
  2. Keep your nails clean and healthy: By clipping, cleaning and filing your nails regularly, not only do you keep them looking beautiful but you also keep yourself hygienic. Applying a base coat of clear nail polish before applying the actual shade can also make a big difference in the health and texture of your nails when you remove it. Applying the extra layer basically forms a protective coating and helps the color pop out better.
  3. Sleep Well: Probably the most important yet overlooked point, sleeping well keeps you stress-free and keeps your hormones in check which helps you to have a clearer, glowing skin and keep a smile on your face. Studies have also suggested that having undisturbed sleep can sometimes directly enhance hair growth and skin health. At the end of the day, it’s not the products but natural elements and good habits which keep you looking beautiful and staying healthy.
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