How to Maintain The Riding of A Long-Distance Commuter Motorcycle?



Taking your commuter motorcycle for long-distance travel requires proper planning and strategy to be made in advance. Long-distance riding on your entry-level bike is completely different from short-distance travel from your home to the workplace.

In case, you have decided to take your motorcycle for more than 100km in a day towards a particular destination, then get ready to follow some useful tips, best mentioned in this blog.

Taking a commuter motorcycle for a long ride

First and foremost, people have this misconception that commuter motorcycle that falls into an engine capacity between 100 to 125CC is meant for short-distance ride only. Well, that’s not true.

The basic concept of designing average engine capacity motorcycles is to provide an optimum set of mileage and lightweight riding condition.

Even the powerful engine is robust enough to cover a large set of distances in a day after taking frequent halts at a time.

Therefore, you have the flexibility to take care entry-level motorcycle for a slightly long distance, only after taking care of its engine and mechanical condition.

Even if, you have thought to buy online bikes of your particular choice, then also, take the two-wheeler for a long ride one or two times a month with ease.

5 ways to ensure comfortable long riding on a commuter motorcycle 

At this point, you have believed the fact that it is possible to ride your commuter motorcycle for a long distance in a hassle-free manner.

But before doing that, you need to ensure a few important tips to follow. And the same are mentioned below for your assistance.

Build your riding stamina first: 

The very first preparatory step you need to follow is building up your riding stamina. With that means, start adding more kilometers to your daily riding requirement in order to build stamina.

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There lies a major difference between short-distance city riding and long-route travel. Before planning your long-distance trip, you should start practicing long kilometers

To do the same, focus on the following few points.

  • Start a weekend ride that must be more than your usual workspace distance.
  • Try riding early in the morning to feel the change in your wake-up cycle.
  • Keep doing the same for a few days to get relevant experience and get into the necessary habit.
  • Plan your long-riding trip and initiate the same without facing any hassle.

2. Plan your route in advance: 

Another important tip you must follow, before starting your lengthy ride on a commuter bike is planning the route in advance.

Of course, you know the maximum range of city routes while traveling on your entry-level bike. But riding on the highway and several unknown routes is a bit different.

It is essential for you to select your travel route beforehand to know where you will be heading towards.

  • Select your route on the GPS & note down the stop points.
  • Do mark the bike’s service stations to avoid any emergency.
  • Better to buy bike spare parts online and accessories well in advance.
  • Do carry some tools with your while riding for a long distance.

3. Stay physically & mentally strong:

Building long-distance riding stamina is not enough to meet your travel requirement.

It is further necessary on your part to stay physically fit and mentally able to ride for long kilometers without facing any hassle.

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It is essential on your part to start doing some workout or any physical activity before initiating your long ride. You must do some cardiovascular exercises to stay strong and energetic.

Doing this will help you maintain the straight riding posture on your commuter motorcycle and ride seamlessly ahead.

4. Dress appropriately for the ride: 

One of the significant things required for a long-distance riding experience is dressing fine for the travel ahead.

Unlike going out in a formal or merely casual outfit, you should pay more concern to protective riding gear to stay safe.

Concerning the same, you must invest in a robust riding jacket, pants, boots, and other sorts of accessories. It’s better to buy online bike accessories after making a comprehensive list of items.

Some of the long-riding essentials you require

  • Shop for comfortable, lightweight, and breathable riding gear.
  • Check the quality of your riding accessories they must be strong and durable.
  • Do carry a winter and a rain jacket with you to withstand the changing weather condition.
  • It is essential to carry extra water bottles to stay hydrated during the long ride.

5. Inspect & repair your motorcycle: 

One of the most important steps that must be followed to ensure seamless long-distance riding is maintaining the condition of your motorcycle.

Just like you regularly service your commuter bike to ride smoothly within the city. Similarly, do drop your bike at the service center to change its engine oil, brake oil, brake shoe, air filter, and other such spare parts.

You must also check the motorcycle for unexpected punctures, bruises, leakage, or anything that can hamper your ride.

Things to check before riding a bike for long distance

  • Tires and wheels.
  • Electrical assembly including lights, indicators, and self-start functionality.
  • Do check the brake lever, brake wire, clutch, clutch wire, & gear shift.
  • Check for any kind of leakage and fix the same with no further delay.

Additional measures to follow while taking the commuter bike for a long ride.

  • Stay hydrated during your ride,
  • Do take frequent breaks in between.
  • Check the condition of the bike after every 100km of distance.
  • Carry minimal possible language on the bike.

Concluding Thoughts 

Thinking of taking your entry-level motorcycle for a long riding experience is no longer a hassle for you?

Just follow the important tips and tricks mentioned above to best prepare for the ride ahead and experience unforgettable pleasure with ease.

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