Job vs Business. Which is Better Job or Business

job vs business

job vs business

Huh! Here we go again! Imagine your child just passed out with flying colors. Both you and your child are going through a range of emotions – happiness, excitement, and concern for future endeavors. You want your kid to go for higher education and secure a safe, well-paying, and reputable job. That is when your kid drops the bomb.

She wants to start her own business and be the queen of her own kingdom. The friction begins. There are arguments and counter-arguments from both sides but reaching a common ground seems difficult. You both want a bright future for her but have two completely approaches to achieving that. This is not just one case.

This is a never-ending debate going around in the whole world with no clear answer achieved ever. Many households and individual lives are influenced by this question and its answer. And that answer depends on various factors like one’s skills, experience areas of interest, personal and family circumstances, goals in life, etc. Let’s explore all the pros and cons of both job and business through this article.

Pros of business:

You are the ruler of your kingdom: There is no “Boss” for you. You do things your way. Your kingdom, your rules.

No fixed income: In a job you are expected to work under a fixed salary until you get a promotion which is a long process and to some extent not in your control however hard you try which brings us to our next point.

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The fruits of hard work: You don’t have a fixed salary rather your earnings depend on your own efforts and hard work which motivates you to put your best work out there for some healthy competition and reach your success goals. Hard work really pays off!

No fear of being “fired”: We all dread those three magical words, “You are fired!” Congratulations! In your own business, you surely are not going to fire yourself as the only person having that power is you. This confidence helps you work to soar higher and higher.

Better opportunities for exposure: The professional life of a corporate worker is mostly one-dimensional. With being your own boss comes the luxury of exploring different angles and diameters of your field thus making you more experienced to come up with different ideas and establish more connections to help you climb up the ladder.

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Mental satisfaction: Starting and maintaining a business may be stressful. Always working for the success of yourself and your company takes both brains and capital. But in the end, you are satisfied that you are indeed working for your own company, not someone else’s even with a limited salary and scope for growth.

Cons of business:

Lots of financial investments: Starting up with financial investments may become a burden when the business does not provide profit. Setting up an initial capital for yourself and your company may seem a huge task to establish.

No guarantee of remunerative money-making: When the losses don’t seem to end and the burden of loans is always on your mind, things may get stressful, and may even lead to bankruptcy in the worst-case scenario.

Potential financial lawsuit: This aspect of a business is omnipresent all the time. Collaborators and investors may file lawsuits if they see an error from your side about sharing your due assets.

Pros of jobs:

Improve work experience: Various pieces of training and work experiences provided by the company increase your worth as an employee. Working on different projects individually and as a part of teams improves both your professional and soft skills.

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Healthy work environment: With passing years the rights of a corporate employee have increased a lot and still continue to happen so. Nowadays, the development of healthy work culture and the flexibility to work from home in some cases help the employees to put their best efforts out there for themselves and their companies.

Scope for healthy competition: The daily interaction among employees, senior and junior, provides scope for healthy social contact and professional competition. Healthy social competition among employees ensures individual and collective growth of both the employees and the company.

Access to incentives: Along with your regular fixed salary which arrives in due time, you are also appreciated with well-deserved bonuses and incentives from time to time depending on your growth and the company’s profit. This is a win-win for both the employees and the employers.

Promotion and recognition: Promotions act as a way of showing appreciation to corporate employees. Your very much hard-earned promotion will now motivate you to work more and more towards your goal to be more successful. This increases your devotion to your work and your company. After all, who doesn’t like to be appreciated for their hard work!

Cons of jobs:

Never-ending rat race: Healthy competition when turned into dirty politics becomes a never-ending rat race. Everyone keeps working hard going out of their limits to become more successful and some even start putting others down for their own betterment.

Lack of individual recognition: In large-scale companies, the competition is also huge thus making it hard for individual employees, especially junior employees to achieve the same level of recognition and appreciation as some other specific employees. However, in small-scale companies, employees are recognized and appreciated but that doesn’t necessarily turn into more payment.

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Independent decision-making is impossible: Unlike starting a business, your independent decisions are not always heard or welcome in your employer’s company. Even if heard it is uncertain if your ideas will be executed against many permissions, risks, and comments.


In conclusion, both job and business have their pros and cons. Neither is devoid of hard work, intelligence, and stress. It comes down to your personal decision on which option will provide you with more professional satisfaction.

There are innumerable possibilities but the choice depends on yourself. As already stated above the answer to this omnipresent question lies in various factors like one’s skills, experience areas of interest, personal and family circumstances, goals in life, etc.

It is a huge decision in someone’s personal and professional life. And nobody can decide this for you except yourself. So, this decision should be made very carefully and responsibly without any outer pressure or influences since you’ll be going deep underwater and this one decision will be affecting your whole life.

It is an inevitable decision among youth, albeit a risky one, but our youth have more self-awareness and resources than ever. So, it is expected that they’ll choose the right path and make their lives worthwhile as they emerge as their best version ever.

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