How To Take Care of Your Motorcycle Disk Brakes

Motorcycle Disk Brakes

Maintaining Motorcycle Disk Brakes safety is an important aspect to be taken care of. Things might go fast unknowingly or within the flow on the road. But requires safety precautions in hand. What we mean to say is that your motorcycle braking system should be efficient enough to stop the ride in an instant. And that too without experiencing any glitches.

Concerning two-wheeler riding safety, disk brakes offer the utmost level of efficiency in stopping the vehicle on time. Undoubtedly, disk brakes have proven their mettle of bring riding protectiveness to an optimum extent. As you already know, earlier disk brakes were confined only to premium-level high-end motorcycles. But looking at riding safety, you will find even commuter bikes come packed with disk brakes. And decide to buy online bikes having disk brake features.

As you already know the fact that disk brakes are minimal to upkeep while riding your motorcycle to a great deal of distance. Still, some sort of maintenance is required to ensure riding safety and allow the disk brakes to perform well.

Therefore, here in this blog, we will be discussing different ways of maintaining your motorcycle disk brakes. To do the same, follow certain repair measures or even buy bike spare parts online related to the braking system.

Seven effective ways to take care of motorcycle disk brakes

Here, we have listed seven motorcycle disk brake maintenance tips, that you can follow to ensure working efficiency. Moreover, assure complete braking safety, without facing any hassle.

1. Top-up the brake fluid reservoir frequently

For riders having a disk-brake-featured motorcycle, must have noticed a transparent or all-black disk brake fluid reservoir mounted on the handlebar. It can be mounted either on the right or left side of your bike’s handlebar. You must know the fact that such a small-size reservoir contains brake oil that is filled to a required level.

Similarly, another reservoir is installed on the rear wheels to ensure complete lubrication. So, you must check the level of fluid in such reservoirs and fill-up the same with the help of an automotive expert. A fully filled disk brake fluid reservoir will ensure effective braking even at the last moment.

2. Check your bike’s disk brake pads & replace them

Brake pads are an essential part of the entire disk braking system. You might know the fact that brake pads are often exposed to a lot of braking friction and extreme heat. At times, brake pads might lose their friction level and cause the brake to fail.

To avoid this, you must check the brake pads regularly or even replace the same, when required. Instead of replacing the entire braking system, it is better to replace brake pads, just like you invest money in spare parts and online bike accessories. Also, replacing the brake pads with new ones is affordable compared to complete disk brake assembly.

3. Let the brake pads bleed regularly

Bleeding the brake is all about compressing the trapped air inside the braking system. When there is excessive air inside the brake pads, it can lead to feeling a limp or weaker braking system. To avoid this issue, you can open the bleeder screw placed on the caliper, press the brake lever, and through compression, all the trapped air will be out.

4. Clean the disk rotors

Riding your motorcycle across dirty pathways can lead to dirt and grime attached to the disk rotors and further affecting the caliper assembly. As a result, your motorcycle might reduce its stopping power. By using a jet-water spray, you can remove the grime stuck to the disk rotors and let the braking system works efficiently. Additionally, you can even clean the disk rotors with an Isopropyl alcohol-based solution to remove all the stuck grime.

5. Rub the brake pads at regular intervals

Another significant way to maintain the bike’s disk brakes is by rubbing the brake pads. Just like disk rotors, even grime seems attached to the brake pads. To remove the same, you can use sandpaper and rub it on the brake pads to get rid of such grime and maintain the efficiency of the braking system.

6. Check the caliper alignment

Sometimes, because of the bad caliper alignment, brake pads rub against the disk rotor, even if the lever is not engaged. In such instances, you must correct the alignment of the caliper.

7. Do inspect the caliper

Last but not least is effectively inspecting the complete caliper assembly with the help of an expert. You can check any fault within the caliper system and try to correct the same by replacing some or all parts.


Maintaining your two-wheeler riding safety has of integral importance to stay protected and ride across destinations with ease. Inspect, repair, and even replace parts of your disk braking system to ensure effective stoppage. Check the caliper assembly of your motorcycle with an automotive expert and do the necessary repair work. Even in the case of parts replacement, specifically for a Hero bike, you can buy genuine spare parts and accessories at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform.

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