Four things more useful doing than celebrating Valentine’s Day

Yes Its Valentine Day.But sometimes I feel there are lot more important and precious things to do for other people as well which could be considered a little generous.There’s absolutely nothing wrong celebrating a happy cosy V-Day.

Sometimes its all cool to do something  for others for their good so I have rather different opinion on spending my Valentine in a more better and appropriate manner.And I think we could just try and spend our money and time on lot of useful things than buying expensive gifts,flowers and candies.Scroll down to see 

1.Donate for a cause you really love : Rather spending your well-earned money on chocolates,flowers or an too much expensive gift.What’s say about donating some money to a cause,who are awaiting for our appreciation and harmony and it feels great by bringing some smiles by our little effort.

2.Give off your Unwanted Things : What some people usually do with their unwanted things they just throw it away,instead they could help others to have those things.And when you are not financially in a good state to help, there’s also the other way you can help people by giving your plenty of things in the wardrobes or drawers which are not useful.Your unwanted things can be useful for others.

3.Providing meals to People: Choosing the best restaurants for your romantic dinner-dates,rather than try to make someone eat.You can have these dates any other day in the year.There are thousands of people who don’t even get to eat one meal in the day.Invest in making someone eat.

4.Here’s what you can do more significant than spending your money,spend your time by doing some charitable work.Many NGOs and organisations are very much in the need of volunteers,engage with them for assistance.

Even if you do a single thing from the list mentioned above that can really make a lot of difference in someone else life.

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