Custom AI Solutions – Business Benefits, When to Build & Challenges Experienced


Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly transformed business operations across the globe. People employ emerging technologies to various internal and external tasks. When existing AI solution is not performing or meeting your needs, custom AI solutions can be built to make it relevant. This allow a business to get an AI product offering capabilities beyond their existing on-premises solution. 

Companies rely on AI to assist their customers interact with their service offerings in desired ways which was earlier impossible. That’s particularly important when your business niche falls in tough competitive world. AI importance can’t be ignored, it makes sense to pursue customization. 

In this blog post, we will discuss custom AI solutions in detail for better and optimized implementation in business operations.  

When to Build a Custom AI Solution? 

AI has its own set of importance for business group automation. In numerous instances, the market may not offer a business-oriented solution for your problem. Here Custom AI solutions come as a savior for your business.  

  1. Limited performance of existing solution 

To run a successful business, different applications are required. All applications have an impact on business performance. Multiple applications require good investment and to lower the operational cost, AI solution is a real advantage. When an application is availed from a service provider it has a significant financial impact, it is better to connect with an AI solution company for customization. They will build a custom solution addressing your concern.  

  1. Limited configuration of existing solution  

The existing solution perform sluggishly and fails to meet the desired business outcome. This is majorly due to the lack of proper integration of the on-premise solution. Machine learning operates by working with data and with redundancy, application performance may be low. Companies can ease this process by providing more training data or by building custom solutions for optimized performance.  

Business Benefits of Custom AI Solutions  

People running a business hesitate to consider AI because of several reasons including limited budget, emerging technology and limited skills. They focus on finding and integrating already-built AI solution. However, there are multiple reasons to use custom AI solutions. 

  1. Flexibility 

Already-built AI solution don’t provide the flexibility that is available with custom AI application. Many business come across after deep market research that the products they are looking falls short of requirements. An alternative is to buy something already available and try to tweak it after purchase. However, that can cause the product to break or perform poorly. In contrast, people develop custom AI software with clients in mind. They can often work with an existing storage solution or business processes, shortening the overall implementation time. 

  1. Advanced Control 

Going with custom AI solutions gives the desired control required to run a successful business operation. Custom solutions offer direct access to the input data used to train the AI system. But with already-built AI products, this is not possible because they are partially trained. Some user prefers this but at later stages when the business scales it restricts you from making changes to the AI product. 

  1. Competitive Edge 

Reputed brands across the globe cannot afford to achieve the desired success with a ready AI tool. By identifying the critical problems and market trends, businesses look for new ways to fix problems. The already-built tool is used by multiple businesses and has no competitive benefit. By using a ready-to-use product, you just lose the outcome. Also, several AI products are launched as being innovative and unique but with multiple users outcome becomes the same. By using ready-to-use AI products, you have limited control over the extension of features it offers. 

  1. Streamlined Platform Integration 

Custom AI solutions are always handy when it comes to smooth integration with existing platform. With already-built products, chances are less to perform integration and ultimately the desired outcome is missed. Again, this results into lack of control over the application functionalities. Integration with custom AI solution assist in developing dedicated visual interfaces for the most significant business benefits. 

Challenges with Custom AI Software Development 

With several business benefits of custom AI solutions, there are also some challenges with it’s integration. Let’s now discuss some challenges when choosing it over an already-built AI product. 

  1. High Development Cost 

The cost of custom AI solution is high in comparison to already-built application. This restricts companies to invest in machine learning technology. This is where AI solution company assist in offering you the relevant solution derived from years of development. The high cost you invest in the beginning is usually less than the recurring costs and license fees of already-built AI product. 

  1. Lack of Expertise 

Another major barrier that restricts custom AI solution development is the lack of development skills. Businesses should consider multiple factors like availability of skilled AI application developers when deciding to build custom solution. You need to be realistic and perform SWAT analysis of your team. The maintenance of AI tools is expensive too. Ask questions to your team about available talent, relevant domain expertise and software developers skills to build it? This is where a professional AI solution company with vast experience can assist. 

  1. Regulatory Considerations 

Some industries follow proper regulations required to build bespoke AI tools. Regulations require organizations to keep safety of sensitive data rather than sharing with third party for processing. This is where custom AI solution development is the only reasonable process. However, for several situations, leveraging cloud-based, already-built software is an affordable option. 

Wrapping Up 

AI is the most popular emerging technology that can take your business to the next level. Several factors need to be kept in mind during the selection between custom AI development and a ready-made solution. In addition, the decision is also based on specific business requirements and the available budget. 

AI and IOT development solutions offer overall control over the cost and flexibility in terms of future changes and additional features. But it comes at a price involving higher development costs and a longer delivery time period. Already-built solutions are usually faster but lack proper scalability and control available with tailored-made solutions on every occasion. 

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