Asad Ahmed Encounter: The family, mother-brother’s refusal to take the dead body of the shooter who was killed with Assad Ahmed will not be included in the funeral

Asad Ahmed Encounter

Asad Ahmed Encounter

After the encounter involving Asad Ahmed, the son of Mafia Atiq Ahmed, his mother-in-law and father-in-law have planned to travel to Jhansi to retrieve Asad’s body, which was killed in the police encounter. Additionally, one of hThe remains of Asad Ahmed will be transported from Jhansi to Prayagraj, where his final rites will be conducted.

However, Asad’s mother declined to accept the body of the shooter Ghulam Mohammad, who was also killed in the encounter. She expressed that she cannot bear to even look at the face of Ghulam, who was involved in the maternal uncles will also join the journey to Jhansi for the purpose of collecting Asad’s remains.

Rahil Hasan, the brother of Ghulam Mohammad, has decided not to collect his brother’s body or attend the final ceremonies. Additionally, Ghulam’s wife and in-laws have the option to retrieve his remains from Jhansi, but it is unclear whether they will do so as they have not been in contact with anyone regarding this matter.

Shooter Ghulam was with Assad

In a significant development regarding the Umesh Pal murder case, the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) conducted a successful encounter in Jhansi and killed Asad Ahmed, the fugitive son of Atiq Ahmed. During the operation, the STF also neutralized the shooter Ghulam Mohammad, who was present alongside Asad.

The STF received intelligence on Asad’s whereabouts in Jhansi, prompting them to initiate the operation. As the STF team laid siege to Asad, Ghulam Mohammad was found to be in his company.

The shooter Ghulam Mohammad was an accomplice in the Umesh Pal murder case, and he shared a close association with Atiq Ahmed, having been involved in numerous illicit activities alongside him.

Several CCTV footages of Ghulam involved in the Umesh Pal murder case had also come to the fore, after which the police had intensified its investigation. A reward of Rs 5-5 lakh was declared on them by the police. Recently, UP STF had also reached Delhi in search of him, after which information about his location was received in Jhansi.

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