Most working parents find it challenging to maintain the right balance between work and home. Primary childcare and the kid’s studies are a nightmare for working parents. A child who experiences reduced attention may affect the psychological and behavioral aspects.

Working couples have long work hours and are fatigued mentally and physically after returning from the office. They have the added task of managing children. By following some strategies, proper childcare is possible without losing your mind. You can manage your work and a child’s education simultaneously by:

  • Never bring your work home

It is easier said than done, but it is advisable to manage your Office work during your work hours only. Any work which you will bring home will reduce the time you want to spend with your children.

  • Listen to your child

Always listen to what a child wants to say to you. Remember, when your child is talking, turn off the world. Your ignorance of a child’s question may result in low self-esteem and confidence of your kid, and they may result in prone to an irritating behaviour.

  • Plan a fun activity and be a part of it

Plan to spend weekends with your child. You can go to a museum, a park or even read a book. Consider a child’s opinion to plan a weekly activity. Your children need your presence than just your presents. 

  • Invest more of your time

Take out time from your busy schedule. There is no material thing that can be replaced with the value of time to your loved ones. Prepare a schedule and spend time with your kids during your busy routine.

  • Get the kids involved

Grown-up children can help around the house by making their own or sibling’s bed, or getting involved in kitchen tasks, watering plants, clearing up the rooms, etc. 

Ensure to keep household jobs well-balanced among all family members to avoid anyone feeling overburdened.

  • The dinner table

Teachers at International School Abu Dhabi promote students to develop a habit of dinner with all family members. Parents should ensure not to watch TV during dinner time and keep all gadgets away. Exchanging entire day notes with your kids and teaching them valuable life lessons will make them more responsible citizens. 

  • Make ‘Family Study Hall’

Set a rule to gather all family members in a study hall in the evening and ensure a dedicated time to work silently on their respective chores. The kids do their homework, and parents catch up on general mails or read books. After the stipulated period, the whole family gets to enjoy relaxing activities like watching a favorite TV program together.


Parenting school-age children with simultaneously looking towards your carrier may be a marathon task. But keep in mind that a school is not the only place where your child gets an education. It is the parents who have to teach the importance of hard work to the kids and how to value the commitments of a family.

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